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Be Curious

The AaBe Fabriek then & now

The AaBe Fabriek still exudes craftsmanship and passion. This harks back to the time when the AaBe blanket factory was the centre of the neighbourhood. This history gives today’s shopping centre character and inspires store owners and shoppers on a daily basis!

It’s wonderful to shop in the place that used to be the home of the famous AaBe blanket factory. A place that has always been important in Tilburg and that still brings people and ideas together today. A lot of people in the area have warm memories of this place. Irma Bressers has a nice story about the old factory. In 1954 Irma’s father found the pay packet of an AaBe employee with a full week’s wages inside. Her parents brought the pay packet to the AaBe Factory. Later that evening, the employee in question and his heavily pregnant wife turned up on their doorstep in tears to thank them for their honesty. A week later some beautiful blankets were delivered for their baby bed, as a gift from the employees at AaBe. “As it turned out, my parents used those AaBe blankets for my siblings and me.”

AaBe is a well-known brand not just for Irma’s family but throughout the Netherlands. These days, apart from blankets, it offers many more products to create a warm, cosy home and the renovated premises, with its special architecture and history, makes shoppers’ hearts beat that little bit faster. As you walk through the light, characteristic hall where, years ago, packaged blankets were prepared to be transported to Asia, you will now find specialist stores to which craftsmanship and expertise are still important. Art, culture and hospitality come together in the AaBe Fabriek, which offers a wide variety of products, ranging from toys to trendy sofa sets and from fresh bread to atmospheric lamps. The AaBe Fabriek has it all. So come on over for a day filled with inspiration. Be original, be surprised and be enchanted!

Free parking – open 7 days a week – 28 stores – free Wi-Fi

Shop in an inspiring, historical location. The AaBe Fabriek has enough possibilities to keep on surprising you! Big names, good service, craftsmanship and a wide variety of stores. Relax over a delicious lunch or go shopping and then raise a glass to your new purchases in one of the cosy, trendy hospitality venues. The AaBe Factory has it all. Be complete!

Shopping, food and lifestyle

Shopping in the AaBe Fabriek in Tilburg

Be complete. The AaBe Fabriek is more than just a shopping centre. We want you to enjoy your visit. Our inspiring environment and wide variety of shops will give you lots of ideas. You should enjoy your cup of coffee just as much as that new sofa that you plan to buy. This former blanket factory exudes entrepreneurship and activity. The industrial environment will immediately inspire you, bringing ideas to life.

The AaBe Fabriek has a complete range of products on offer. Whether you want to furnish your home or garden, purchase tools or do your grocery shopping, the AaBe Fabriek has it all. The great offers make it even more fun to shop there. Every week the store owners join forces to give customers the best deals possible. Parking is free so once you’re finished shopping, you can raise a glass to your new purchases in the trendy Piushaven!